500 W Whole Body Vibration Crazy Fit Massage Plate Machine


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With this crazy fit massage you can shape your body easily.   You just need to exercise for 5-10 minutes every day the consumption of calorie is similar to jog for one hour and is equal to 30 times speed of consuming calories for running. The vibration machine has many functions. For example it can activate entire body relieve tiredness quickly soothe insomnia efficiently help you unwind increase blood flow to keep healthy improve tone of pelvic floor musculature reducing the effects of stress incontinence improve intestinal movement and help to relieve constipation rehabilitate atrophied articular muscles post injury/surgery increases basal metabolism stabilize body weight etc.   It has 3 preset programmes and it’s easy to operate. Don’t hesitate to buy it!   Brand new product best quality and competitive price 3 different preset programmes Variants of speed range and strong massage vibration Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design Easy-to-operate console with window display screens Durable steel frame printed with fashionable color Current overload protection Disturbance and static electricity resistance Can be used to measure the body fat content Retractable foot can be used to adjust the machine height and then keep it balanced Functions:  Activates entire body relieves tiredness quickly  Excellent body shaper melts away mass body fat Soothes insomnia efficiently helps you unwind Stimulates alvine enhances digestion Increases blood flow to keep healthy Activates joints soothes arthritis ache  Improves tone of pelvic floor musculature reducing the effects of stress incontinence Improves intestinal movement and helps to relieve constipation Rehabilitates atrophied articular muscles post injury/surgery Increases basal metabolism stabilizing body weight Anti-jamming and anti-static

Material: Steel plate + ABS (fresh material) Input voltage: 110 V Frequency range: 50-60 Hz Rated power: 500 W Amplitude: ±5 mm Motor: 1.5 HP Speed range: 1-99 levels Display: Programme time body fat percentage (BMI) speed Dimensions: 26.77″ x 22.83″ x 47.24″ Load weight: 330.69 lbs Net weight: 60.63 lbs Power line length: 59.06″ Package includes: 1 x crazy fit massage 1 x manual 1 x power line 1 x assembly tool kit, Item # 17583604

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